As a package and group tour operator in our own right, we specialise in all European destinations. However, our 'classical' destinations Ireland and the United Kingdom remain closest to our hearts, notwithstanding, we successfully operate tours to Spain, Italy, Portugal and France as well as the Skandinavian states and all other Northern countries. A further area, which has our full and professional attention are the middle and eastern European states, such as Russia and the GUS states, Poland and the Czech Republik, the Baltic States and the Balkans.

It is in great measure due to our being representatives for a variety of leading hotel groups and other tourism related companies, that we are able to compile highly competitive programmes for both your leisure and business groups as well as incentive arrangements and themed tours to any destination of your choice.

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Alexander Serrano Wesche

After four initial years in the retail and wholesale fashion business it was in 1988, that Alexander commenced his studies in the Barcelona based family hotel business. He underwent extensive training and studies throughout wide spanning areas, i.e. restaurateur, hotel management, assistant to the board and finally as sales director for the companies own tour operator VIAJES SERHS HOTELS, a market leader throughout the Mediterranean incoming tour operator’s panorama.

In 1994 and after a one-year job experience outside the travel trade Alexander founded his own incoming tour operator based in London, TRAVELPLAN Incoming Ltd, which he owned and managed until the end of 2001.

It was in late 2002 when Alexander commenced his business, called ‚ One World Travel International Ltd. in Germany.

Cornelia Lücke

It was only after she successfully finished her studies as a hairdresser that Cornelia commenced her career in the travel trade at WERNER TOURS tour operator in Brunswick, Germany. It was after an extensive training in the ‘classical’ areas of sales and purchase, marketing and coach travel logistics that she was made the responsible manager first for the Scandinavia and Benelux and finally Britain and Ireland desks.

It was in 1998 when Cornelia moved to London to become senior sales manager at TRAVELPLAN, a British incoming tour operator based in London.

In 2001 Cornelia commenced an eighteen-month employment as senior sales manager for ETN, a Britain based international tour operator.

In spring 2003, she followed her heart’s wish to return to her roots and left Britain for Frankfurt, where she became responsible business manager for One World Travel International Ltd.